Kona Village Resort is located on a nice sandy beach that spans close to ¼ mile in distance.  This beach can meet almost anyone’s needs.  If you are simply into walking, this beach has minimal large rocks and is great for walking.  If you are into snorkeling, you can find fish just off the shore.  The waters around Kona Village Resort are part of a marine sanctuary so offer great waters for snorkeling.  If you simply want to swim for exercise, the waters are calm and you can swim side to side of the beach.  The sand is great for the little ones and due it being on a bay type setting the waters are calm. 

If you are truly in vacation mode and want to snorkel, there are under water sea scooters, which allow you to snorkel, but without the exercise.  If you want to exercise, try taking a standup paddleboard out in the morning. 

Kona Village Resort also offers a morning sunrise paddle, which is a great way to start your day!

There is a beach shack that offers snorkel gear as well as other beach activity gear. 

If you choose to spend your day at the beach you will still receive the same great service that you would receive by the pool.

If you are a beach person, we highly recommend getting one of the hale’s located on the beach.  With this location you can easily go to and from your hale to almost all of the amenities of Kona Village simply by walking on the beach.